"From Mie / Yokkaichi to the world! Aiming to foster international people who create new values " It has been 8 months since Yokkaichi High School has been designated as Super Global High School (SGH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho).
 Up to now, new initiatives such as global leader studies and incandescent English courses under SGH have been held.
 Here, we will introduce the main activities from June to September.

Theme for the SGH Grand Lecture on June 4th

201406-1.jpg Human Resource Development and International Collaboration Required for Globalized Human Resources (Director Hiroki Hori of Mie University)

 While promoting the globalization of Mie University as a director of international affairs, Professor Hiroki Hori is a professor of medicine and a mentor for new doctors. As a pediatrician himself, he has saved thelives of many Japanese as well as African children. He often uses interesting stories and images as analogies for our personal experiences and the type of workers required for the current and future global society.

June 21st Global Leadership Lecture

 Two lectures were given to the 146 students who chose Global Leadership Studies.
 Mr. Mizutani, who is a former principal and a great master in creating the program for this SGH, has given a lecture entitled "How to write a research paper" on important pointers and know-hows about writing a paper till December.

 Ms.Naganawa of SGH advisor has been working in many parts of the world as a JICA staff and interpreter. She talked to students on the skills and values necessary to work on a global stage and her global experiences as a student in other countries while she was in high school and university, with the aim of informing them of what are expected of them.

Volunteer activities on July 17th and August 17th

 As part of practical activities [Global Action], there were cleaning activities outside the school compound.
 Volunteers made of of mostly student councils and clean-up committee members cleaned up the area surrounding the school in July while in August the same activity was carried out by mainly by the volunteer campaign club students. It seems that it has been a good exchange with the local residents.

Visit to JICA Nagoya Earth Plaza on August 21st

 Twelve students from the Global Leadership's 'Culture Comparative Study' and 'Education' departments visited the facility 'Nagoya Earth Jiroba' where they learnt about the problems facing the world such as 'poverty', 'education', 'environment' etc. via experiential type exhibits. After a briefing by the guides about JICA and the assistance to developing countries, the students went around the exhibition space. After listening to interesting experiences in Syria and the Philippines during the Cooperation Volunteers' Meeting, the group lunched at the 1F Cafe Crossroad and literally "tasted" the different cultures from the authentic ethnic dishes.

Participation in the "Asia-Pacific Disaster Medical Society" on September 17

 21 students of the Global Leadership Course of "Medicine and Volunteers" participated in the "12th Asia-Pacific Disaster Medical Science Association Seminar" chaired by Professor Ninomiya of Nihon Medical University Tama Nagayama Hospital Emergency Critical Care Center.
 They had a meaningful and exciting time listening to keynote lectures and research presentations by the world's leading experts in the field of disaster medicine, and looking at the company exhibitions that commercialized the latest technologies.

Incandescent English Course (From June 17th)

 Among the students of the global leader's studies, an incandescent English course was held for 73 students who want to improve their English skills.
 "Dr. Edward Scruggs (Nanzan University) was invited as a lecturer and the interactive class that decided the theme every time is really" incandescence "!
 The 90 minutes of lesson was really intense.


 The lectures on Global Leadership conducted by different themes were carried out as follows, and the following lecturers have given very exciting lectures.

 On June 28, Sappako Tamoto, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, Goodman Thierry, Professor in Mie University, and others
 On September 13, Toshihiko Yoshikawa, President of Ajinomoto Trading, Yoshihiro Okada, Yokkaichi City Environmental Protection Division and others
 On October 18, Yasushi Kawasaki Professor, Kyoto University, Kon · Terry, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Nagoya University, etc.
 On November 15, Masaya Onimaru, Director of NPO Terra Renaissance, Dr. Kohei Kubota, Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo, others