The Super Presentation by the four high schools SGH was carried out on 17 Decemeber (Wed).

 Approximately 720 students from first and second years, and about 50 people including SGH steering committee members, representatives from regional companies, Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture Board of Education,and students from other high schools, parents of our school turned out for this event.
 Professor Iwasaki Yasunori of Yokkaichi University, Professor Takayama Takayama Professor and Professor Mariko Ogawa of Mie University as panel members and three students made an interim presentation of the two research results based on the theme of "Environment".

 In addition to receiving advices from the teachers from the panel on the contents and methods of the presentation, discussions were made by the students in response to the call of the panelist teachers in a forum in an enthusiastic and warm atmostphere.

 In addition, at the venue, the results of other students' research results and research results of the Mie SSH project were also posted and introduced by the panel.
 Thank you everyone who participated.


The event was held under the theme of 'Environment'.


Presentation of "Protecting biodiversity"


Presentation of "Importance of timber use in realizing a sustainable society"


Students listening to presentations


Discussions among the panel of teachers


Presenters answering questions


Questions from the floor


Research results of other students were also posted