On January 28th (Wednesday), the thrid major theme lecture was held.

 Approximately 720 students in the first and second years participated, and about 70 parents and guardians also participated.
 Segakuin University President Kang Sang-jung gave a talk entilted "Discovering Diversity" based on the theme "Human Rights in a Globalizing Society".

 First of all, as to the difference between "globalization" and "internationalization", "globalization" is advancing regardless of what we think and do in our daily life. While we know the changes in Japan since the Meiji era, it is still important to think from the point of view that the world is not too far away. Rather it is near where we are. It is very important to get this right.
 Peace does not occur naturally. There are efforts to make, and we should always live while thinking about human rights.
 The students also agreed greatly with the notion that respect from others leads to their own dignity and respect for others.

 The students asked questions about the conflict problems in the past, and they had a positive attitude towards their own viewpoint on the contemporary problems learned from Dr. Kang.