May 16, 2015 SGH Global Leadership Course Orientation

 May 16, 2015, A lecture and orientation were held for 110 students who took SGH Global Leader Studies in Asake Plaza.

Lecture by Mr. Chikara Sakaguchi


A lecture entitled "How to Survive in a Globalizing Society" was given by Mr. Chikara Sakaguchi, a former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. It was a very exciting story from a broad perspective on innovative technologies which are expected to play a central role in the next generation of sustainable society such as hydrogen, robots, and supercomputers. He also gave suggestions of required skills and personalities for the global society.

Presentation by Indonesian team

 7 members of Indonesian group challenged presentation in English. They reported thier experience in Indonesia such as homestay, high school visit and experience of interaction with Indonesian students in fluent English. Audience gave applause for the message "English language skill is important to communicate with others but most important thing is to smile because it is a global language"

Presentation by Cambodian team

 A Cambodian group with large number reported about company visit, university visit, high school visit and exchange. They also shared their experience not only what they saw but also what they have noticed and how it changed their values. The message "It is important to keep thinking even the questions have no answers" was impressive.

SGH Overseas Exchange Advisor Ms. Miki Naganawa

 Ms. Naganawa, advisor of SGH Overseas Exchange, has shown how valuable her experiences as a JICA staff and as a conference interpreter. She has worked in various countries, and is thus in touch with various cultures and their values. Such overseas exchanges have brought her tremendous joy. From her experience of studying abroad during high school and college days, she gave a talk on what the current high school students want and can look forward to. In addition, there was introduction about various overseas exchange activities planned this year which the participants of global leadership course can participate.

 The last session was exchanging of contacts of those in the global leadership course so as to further discuss on how to proceed for the year ahead. The students were also grouped according to their themes chosen and had a separate meeting.

 To all participants, thank you very much.