On July 5 (Sunday), 46 students from five schools designated by the SGH in 2014 (Asahioka, Meijo University attached Senior High, Ogaki Kita, Mishima Kita, Yokkaichi) gathered at Yokkaichi High School for the study meeting and exchange sessions. The event was hosted by the Yokkaichi High School students.

 First of all, groups were formed to introduce each SGH school and the students, thereby creating a friendly atmosphere conducive for discussion.
 Next, the key points of the lecture by Professor Katsumi Hirakawa (on the essence of 'learning 'and globalism) were given.
 Professor Hirakawa has been active as a businessman and is now a professor at Rikkyo University. He has written many books on "globalism" and "economic growth". After the lecture, Professor Hirakawa was surrounded by many who asked him questions.

 In the afternoon, based on the morning keynote speech, a group discussion based on the title "The power to survive in a globalized society " was held, followed by an active exchange of opinions. After that, presentations on what had been discussed and the importance of knowing our own cultures as well as cross-cultural understanding were given. Conclusions from the discussions such as the importance of having and expressing your own opinion were revealed.






201507-9.pngHigh school participation:SGH designated school In the Tokai district Asahigaoka High School 12 people, Meijo University attached high school 9 people, Ogaki Kita High School 1 person, Mishima Kita High School 5 people, Yokkaichi High School 19 people, Total 46 people.