On July 6, 2015, visitors from Ho Chi Minh City University of Education visited Yokkaichi High School.
 Ho Chi Minh City University of Education is the largest teacher training university in the southern part of Vietnam with 25 Departments of Education. Based on the academic exchange collaboration agreement with Mie University, 10 undergraduate students and graduate students training to be physics and chemistry teachers have recently visited Mie University with two faculty members.

 To observe what kind of chemistry / physics education is being conducted in Japanese high schools, visitors from Ho Chi Minh City University of Education visited Yokkaichi Senior High School on 6 July under the guidance of teachers from Mie University.

 Firstly, the visitors visited a third grade physics class. They broke into small groups and joined the students in an experiment to check the charging and discharging curves of a condenser with an oscilloscope. Next, they went to a third grade chemistry class and participated in an experiment to synthesize methyl salicylate and acetylsalicylic acid.
 Finally, the members of the SSH Science Division showcased the experiment entitled "Tsukuba Water" when they participated in this year's Science Koushien National Convention.

 In Vietnamese high schools, knowledge and experience of teachers are inadequate and there are not enough laboratory instruments, so almost no experiments on physics and chemistry are conducted. Thus it has been very helpful for them to observe the experimental procedure which promote participation and understanding of the lessons among the Japanese students in the Japanese classes.


Physics experiment


In the midst of a chemistry experiment


Commemorative photo with members of SSH Science Division