17 students who had chosen the Global Leadership Course visited the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) facility of "Nagoya Chikyu Hiroba (Earth Plaza)" to learn from the exhibits on issues such as "Poverty", "Food Supply", "Environmental Destruction" and many others.

 Firstly , we discussed issues faced by developing countries, the challenges the world faces, what kind of aid Japan is rendering, and other world issues with the personnel in charge of JICA.

 Lastly, JICA Earth tour guides who were dressed in the Filipino national costume showed us around the exhibition space, and what kind of cooperation Japan has given towards solving the problems of poverty, the environment, health care, etc. in developing countries. They did the explanation using the exhibits.

 Finally, after talking about experiences in Zimbabwe from their own Youth Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in JICA, the participants had lunch of authentic ethnic dishes at the 1F Cafe Crossroad. After lunch, the participants spent the afternoon continued watching the exhibits that they had not yet viewed in the morning, shopping at the fair trade shop, trying on some of the folk costumes that JICA people gathered from around the world.
 It has been a day in which we used our five senses to see, listen and taste the different cultures so as to contemplate on the current situations of the world surrounding Japan.