On the afternoon of October 3rd (Saturday) , 13 international students majoring in medicine, electronic engineering, biological resource management (9 from Indonesia, 2 from Malaysia, 2 from China) and 1 international student (Uzbekistan)studying at Nagoya University Law School visited Yokkaichi High School and enjoyed interacting with 36 students in the first and second years using English at Mie University graduate school.

 After an ice-breaker game that helped the participants to move around, five to six high school students and two international students were grouped into groups of 7.
 First of all, the groups were asked to look for as many common interests as possible within a time limit. Those who were different from one another in terms of nationality and age were aware of the fact that they shared many other similarities such as "having dogs as pets", "cannot eat wasabi" and "having the same favourite artists".
 Each team selected one of their common characteristics to be used as the name of the group. The 7 groups came up with fun names such as "Team without glasses" and "Team Doraemon". Next, the groups worked on projected entitled "Dream School Project", in wihch they created the type of school they would like in 60 minutes, after which they presented the results of their discussions in English.

 Number of students in a class? Uniforms? What kind of subjects are you studying? What is the style of the class? What are the school's facilities? After listening to the circumstances of the schools in international student's country, the groups then took down the notes on "It would be nice to have such a school" on the planning paper.
 The groups then came up with splendid ideas teaching a class of 20 students who learn together on lawn campuses, in the music and sports halls in the form of club activities in which you can experience various kinds of sports, robot engineering (the lecturer is Doraemon), IT, various foreign language classes, cafeteria which served healthy organic vegetables etc. Such wild ideas indeed made learning fun and enjoyable.

 In the end, the international students showcased their traditional songs and ethnic costumes of their countries.
 To be able to interact with foreign people and have a taste of the diversity of the world makes this autumn a memorable time.