In the 1 week of October from 5th to 9th, Camille, a French international student, came to Yokkaichi High School Year 1 Class 2.

 Camille came to Japan from France in April this year as an international student for their annual program at AFS, an international high school student overseas study group. She normally attends a girls' high school in Tsu-shi. She visited the 4th grade at AFS's "Interchange Program for Inter-regional Exchange" to experience the different regions and schools which differ from the high school she normally attends.

 At first the atmosphere of a public and co-school is confusing as it is quite different from the girls' high school which she attends. However, she soon adapted to the free atmosphere within the school and friendly classmates. She became active in classes and the club activities she participated in. We were surprised at how fast she became fluent at Japanese (with the Mie accent) within half a year in Japan.
 For the first year students, it was a petit international exchange week.


Everyone in Year 1 Class 2


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