4th large theme lecture presentation was held on November 4th.

Approximately 720 of 1st and 2nd grade students and 40 guardians participated this event. Dr. Park Yu-ha (a professor at the College of Liberal Arts, Sejong University) was invited as a lecturer. She gave a lecture on a topic “For conciliation”, an issue of human right of foreign residents.

She first shared her experience going to Japanese university after graduation of high school in Korea.

She spoke that we tend to say “Japanese are… “ or “ Koreans are…” but we happened to be born in a country by chance and obtain the culture and custom of the country. She spoke with tender and quiet tone, it is important to view a person as individual before judging him/her by the nationality.

She decided to choose literature as her major in the university. She talked about importance of art. All kind of art such as literature belongs to a genre to break through stereotypes of the community and to stares at sprit of inner human.

Followed by this, she talked on the perspective of “colonization and discrimination” through Japanese literatures which describe actual fact of colonial domination. She pointed out sorrow of losing pride being controlled and dominated and sorrow and sense of shame/guilt of controller/dominator.

Lastly, “if both Japanese and Korean young generations are enable to enrich understanding to each other and able to refuse violent thought, then we will be ready to embark our new century” by quoting a passage from her own book “For conciliation”, she talked about importance to overcome violent thought for conciliation of both countries.