December 2015 Cambodia Study Tour

December 17 (Thurs)

Departure! From Chubu Centrair international airport to Cambodia

201512-14.pngDeparture from Chubu Centrair international airport, transit at Vietnam and then off to Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

December 18 (Fri)

JICA Cambodia Office

201512-15.pngChief Representative of JICA Cambodia Office gave students a lecture on history and current situation of Cambodia and assistance from Japan to the country. Then students visited reference room in the office building and discussed on the project of local costumed mascot character "Andy Watty", as well as types and possibility of various assistance to the country.

Kurata Pepper

201512-16.pngStudents visited Kurata Pepper run by Mr. Kurata who is originally from Tsu-city, Mie prefecture. Mr. Kurata gave a lecture on various interesting topics. He shared his experience of his student time, his encounter with Cambodia. He also gave suggestion to students on important way of thinking. Students experienced operation of sorting peppers as well. It was a valuable experience for them.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

201512-17.pngStudents visited Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. This site was a former high school converted into tourture facility by Kume Rouge. Students found school ground and class room still remained in the site. They became to know brutal history and felt world should not repeat this cruel history.

Meeting Mr. Izumi Yamaguchi, alumnus of Yokkaichi High School

201512-18.pngMr. Yamaguchi, who runs hotels and farms in Cambodia, gave a lecture. Students were proud of their alumnus playing active part in overseas, at the same time, they realized their future is infinity.

December 19 (Fri)

Cambodia-Japan Friendship School

Students visited Cambodia-Japan Friendship School.


201512-20.pngStationery gift from students

201512-21.pngCambodian students experience Japanese calligraphy

December 20 (Sat)

Royal Palace

201512-22.pngStudents visited Royal Palace a residence of the King of Cambodia located in a city center of Phnom Penh. It is a quiet space which is in contradiction to the busy surrounding area.

Phnom Penh National Musium

201512-23.pngMs.Yoshikawa gave students a lecture. Ms. Yoshikawa works for local archaeology sites in Cambodia to preserve them. Students visited musium without any preconceptions. They felt the lives of ancient people from the art work.

December 21 (Sun)

Killing Fields

201512-24.pngPeople arrested and taken into Tuol Sleng were executed in this place. Belongings of victims still remain underground. Students learnt dreadful history and then felt they must think about "peace" seriously.

Royal University of Law and Economics

Intermingle time with students of Research and Education Cener for Japanese Law, the partnership school of Nagoya University. Students introduced each other at school cafeteria. After lunch, students went for a stroll on campus in small groups. Then they had a time to exchange opinions about what they leant from this study tour, about future of both countries.


201512-26.pngPerformance of Japan and Cambodia. (Students performed Japanese traditional dance along to "Sakura" song). All students danced together along to music in the end.

201512-27.pngStudents enjoyed their last meal in Cambodia. Arrived Centrair International Airport on December 22.