December 19th (Saturday) SGH meeting 2015

106 high school students from 8 schools in 4 prefectures in Tokai area gethered in Meijyo University Senior High School. 8 schools are as follow: Asahigaoka (Aichi), Nagoya University Affilliated Upper Secondary School (Aichi), Haruhigaoka (Aichi), Nagoya Kokusai, Meijyo University Senior High School, Oogaki-kita (Gifu), Yokkaichi (Mie), Mishima-kita (Shizuoka)
Students of Meijyo University Senior High School, the host school took inisiative and they were in charged of guide, reception, MC of plenary session and sectional session. 


Participants of sectional session C listening explanation from the students of Meijyo University Senior High School.


Presentation by Yokkaichi High School student who has participated sectional session A

Students were divided into 4 groups under complehensive theme "Globalization from the view of Chubu area". Topics of 4 groups are as follow:
A " Work style and method of Japanese style and globalization",
B " Global development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Manufacturing ",
C "Coexistance of people with foreign roots"
D" Learning of youth in global era"

In the afternoon session, students made group presentation in each session, and then representatives were selected by lecturers. Representatives of each session made 10 minutes presentations in a plenary session.
Yokkaichi High School students made a presentation as a representative of session A. It was a well performed and impressive presentation.

In a closing session, lecturer of each session made comments and then Dr. Ananda Kumara, a Director of preparation of Foreign Language Studies of Meijyo University, made a overview comment.
Among participants, there were international students and Japanese students who had experience in overseas. It was a great opportunity for the students to experience cross-cultural communication and active learnings such as intellect, capacity of judgement, power of expression.