20 students from the SMA LABSCHOOL Jakarta High School in Indonesia visited the school on 16 January (Friday) and joined in the school classes, thereby enhancing the exchange program.
 These are participants supported by the "Teenage Ambassador Project" hosted by "AEON 1% Club" and they were scheduled to come Japan from 12th to 19th January.

 On 12th January, 20 students who were also the homestay hosts from our school and 20 high school students from Indonesia attended the ceremony at Hotel East 21 Tokyo, and on 13th, they made a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister's official residence and were deeply encouraged by Deputy Secretary Mr. Kato.
 In addition, at the Indonesian Embassy, after listening to a talk by Foreign Minister Mr. Kishida, the two parties performed traditional dances and carried out other activities as part of the exchange.
 In addition, the students spent a meaningful time talking with Mr. Takuya Okada who is a graduate of our school and the honorary chairman of Aeon Group. They also took a commemorative group photograph.

 These 20 people finally arrived at our school on 16th January.
 First of all, a welcome party was given by first and second years students. The students from both high schools greeted one another in English. There was also a welcome ceremony by the choir and Kendo members who welcomed the visitors with singing and KENDO performance.
 After that, the visitors had classes together with their hosts from the homestay.
 Students at our school who were the hosts had good English practice, including interpreting the teacher 's explanation in English to their guests.
 In the afternoon after lunch, special English classes using balls and origami, calligraphy, tea ceremony and kendo were held. The students interacted with one another with a smile on their faces while communicating in English.
 The Indonesian high school students stayed with their homestay host families and returned home on 19th after a farewell party on 18th.

 In March, 20 students from our school will visit Indonesia.
 The students would have lots of reflections interacting with high school students from different cultures.
 To those who have helped out with the homestay, and members of 1% Aeon Club, thank you!

【12 January  in Tokyo】


Performance by Indonesian high school students


Performance by Indonesian high school students


The Japanese dance "Kotobuki" was performed.


The Japanese dance "Sakura Sakura" was performed.


Together with Aeon founder Mr. Okada


Taking a photograph with everyone!

【On January 16th, one-day visit from high school students from Indonesia】


The student leader gave a greeting in English


Exchanging souvenirs


Showcasing choir singing and kendo



Explaining the content of the class


Thinking together during Information class


Friendly atmosphere while exchaning lunch with one another


Communication class using Sugoroku game


Trying out calligraphy


Hospitality from the tea ceremony department


Interaction with the Kendo Club