Yokkaichi High School Super Presentation was held on February 2, 2016.

Super Presentation is a forum for student to take an opportunity to share their learning from researches they conducted to university professors and managers and employees of local companies as a part of SGH program. Students made recommendations and discuss on the issues from the findings from their researches to local companies and research institutions as an opportunity to share the learning to the local community.

Principal of the school, Mr. Iwama, made opening remarks, then student who participated training to Cambodia and Tianjin made presentations.
Students, participants of training to Cambodia, made a presentation on history of holocaust by Pol Pot regime, shared their learning from successful Japanese in Cambodia, how they were touched by Cambodian students of their high ambitions. They closed their presentation by setting a question “What we can do toward to coexistence society between Cambodia and Japan.



Students, participants of training to Tian Jin, introduced facilities they visited such as Universities, educational institutions, and local enterprises. Student shared their impressions of having interaction with local students.



“Forum of proposal and discussion toward to Global Society by delegated students” was held in second half of the program. Presentations were made by three delegated students. Their topics are as below.

・1st grade class4 Kodai Saki (Graduate of Hisai junior high school) : What we can do to promote renewable energy

・2nd grade class2 Miyu Shimizu (Graduate of Seiryo junior high school): Poverty and education for women

・2nd grade class7 Rintaro Yoshitake (Graduate of Tomisuhara junior high school): World food and starvation~Choice of food bank~

After respective presentations, question and answer session was actively held between presenters and audience.
Three panel members, Prof. Yasunori
Iwasaki (Professor of Yokkaichi University), honorary prof. Susumu Takayama (Mie Universty), and Prof. Jyunko Mimaki (Associate professor of Nagoya University), gave comments from perspective of their each expertise.