Cross-cultural event with International students from Mie University

Yokkai High School had cross-cultural events with international students from Asia in the past. This was our first time to invite students from Europe to have "Cross-Cultural Event". Outline of the event is as follow.

(1) Date and time: March 5, 2016 (Sat.) 12:00 to 16:00
(2) Venue: Yokkaichi High School, Mie prefecture (Large lecture room)
(3) Participants:11 International students of Mie University (Sweden, U.K., Germany, France, Rumania), 52 Yokkaichi High School Students (26 first graders, 26 second graders)
(4) Schedule

Schedule.png12:00-12:10 Opening remarks



Principle made opening remarks in Japanese. A student representative interpreted his speech.

Schedule.png12:10-12:50 ~Celebration of Girl's Day -HINAMATSURI- Make CHIRASHI-ZUSHI (unrolled sushi served in a bowl) together and celebrate Girl's Day

Participants were divided into 10 groups with 5 to 6 students. Japanese students sat around international students and they used gesture to communicate each other. After saying "ITADAKIMASU (expression of gratitude before meals)" , they enjoyed having conversation and introduced meaning of ITADAKIMASU and HINAMATSURI.





Schedule.png12:50-13:10 Japanese culture ORIGAMI (folding paper) in groups

After having CHIRASHI-ZUSHI, while some students were clearing tables away, remained students and international students enjoyed folding ORIGAMI paper. International students showed their interest learning this Japanese culture and concentrated on folding paper. Japanese student enjoyed teaching them as well.



Schedule.png13:20-15:50 Workshop in small group Topic "Cutural Comparison"

Following points were to be taken into consideration on this workshop.

1. Not just listening to international students but to be actively involved to the conversation.
2. Workshop style: 10 groups with 6-7students (include one international student)
3.Motivate and clarify sense of purpose by making group presentation at the end of workshop.
4. Workshop is done all in English.

Group work was operated as follow.

1 Ice break / self-introduction(10min.)
2 Choose the cards(20min.)

Pick a card. Based on a key word on each card such as "food" "history" "refugees" , talk about your own county, then ask international student to talk on the same topic. (Approx. 2min. for each)



3 Workshop(60min.)

Chose a topic which interest students the most from the cards, summarize the differences between Japan and country of the international student.



4 Presentation(60min.)

Made a presentation within 5minutes for each group.





Schedule.png15:50-16:00 Closing remarks

Closing remarks made by Professor Okochi, Faculty of Literature in Mie University. Professor Okochi talked about importance of studying abroad. Then students took a commemorative photo together.