April 20, 2016; 1st large theme lecture presentation

1st large theme lecture presentation was held in English on April 20, 2016. Yokkaichi High School invite guest speakers from various filed to speak under the topic of "Career path in the global society".

Mr. Kiyoshi Higuchi, a President of International Astronautical Federation、
(IAF) and previous Executive Director of Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA) had a speech on a topic of
"Global society and Space -Seeing earth and us from space-". 

He first explained activities of JAXA and then mentioned international cooperation takes important role
in development of space technology. He also taked how difficult for international society to come to one solution
since each country has it's own policies however that is the reason to cooperate international.

His message "To become first class professional, it is important to mingle with professionals of the world."
remained in students' hearts.