July 2 Third Global Leadership Study


① Environmental problems

Visiting Wakayama University Professor Takeshi Wada

"The way of global warming and energy use" and "The role of citizens in promoting renewable energy"

  • Various problems related to global warming and renewable energy were explained in a simple and clear way using rich statistics and figures both horizontally and vertically. Instead of becoming pessimistic about the problems, the audience was told that participation of our citizens is the key to solving these problems. Examples were also given.



② Education and human rights volunteer

Mr. Yoon Dae-jin

The Current situation of Korean residents in Korea and the history of North and South Koreas

  • While politics between Japan and Korea is on a rocky path, it is not so at the level of the citizens. In order to build a desirable Korean-Japanese relationship, the mission of second and third generations Koreans as messengers of peace in Japan is important. Based on that principle, it is recommended that the history of Japan and the Korean Peninsula should be studied in order to fully eliminate discrimination against Koreans in Japan.



③ Cultural Research

Professor Goro Tajiri, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kansai University

"To Be a Global Citizen"

  • Under the guidance of Professor Tajiri, opinions and knowledge were shared in either pairs or groups on issues of territorial issues among countries such as Korea, China and Russia. Participants learnt about the importance of focusing on issues of the world while having an interest and attention on within, such as our home countries and the countries's relationships with other countries.



④ Law and History

Professor Takehiko Honda, Kyoto Women University

One aspect of cultural contact in British India - Contemplating about the origins of the King's Christmas message ~

  • Lectures and discussions on D'argent which is a religious event in the Mughal Empire and the tradition of Royal Christmas message in British society, the kind of interactions and exchanges between two different cultures that have brought change in the Global culture on the theme of compatibility within cultural diversity were discussed in groups.



⑤ Medical Issues

Hainan Hospital general medical examination doctor Takashi Kurumei

"Medicine and Me" Linking Lives ~ The Present State of Medicine in the World ~ "

  • The activities of MSF (Doctors Without Borders) were introduced to the groups and each group organised tasks around the issues based on the themes "Medicine viewed from Japanese society", "Medicine viewed from developing countries", "Medicine as part of the needs of society (the world)" and "essential health care". They also pondered about the solutions and gave group presentations and exchanged opinions.



⑥ Global business

University of Tokyo Emeritus Professor Mr. Naohiko Kanno

Global business ~ Boys' Ambitions ~

  • Issues such as whether Britain should withdraw from the EU via a national referendum and the relationship between the market and democracy were discussed. The participants learnt that it was necessary not to wonder around the methodology of how things and systems are operated, but rather to find out the roots of the issues and to obtain solutions.