Aug.9 (Tues.) - 12(Fri.) Second Takayama Global Summer Festa

This is learning and interaction event for high school students hosted by Aichi Prefecture Asahigaoka High School (Cooperated by Chubu Economic Federation, Takayama-City, Hida-City). Four high school (Yokkaichi High School, Asahigaoka High School, Meijyo University Senior High School, Toyama prefectural Takaoka High School) with 39 students participated. It was 3days 4 nights schedule and workshops were held in Linkan Gakusha of Asahigaoka High School (in Takayama city, Gifu prefecture) and Ryokan (Japanese style-inn).

Takayama Nishi High School students joined from the third day.
It was structured with three programs.

(1) Lecture by guest speaker

August 9th

"Think of Takayama from global view" (Significance of work / Significance of money)
Mr. Kazuhiro Arai Kamakura Investment Trust

  • Students learned value of work and significance of money. Money is paid in return of valuable work for others. They also learned importance of ideal human consciousness underlying in financial industry.

"Japanese traditional technics to the world"
Mr. Go Matsumoto Board of Director HIDA NO MORI DE KUMA WA ODORU (Dancing bear in a forest of hida).

  • The company produce innovation of create new value to the forest in Hida based on the linkage with regeneration of community through forest industry and creator in the world.

August 10th

「Overseas Marketing Strategy for the Revitalization of Regional Economy」
Mr. Akira Tanaka Director-General of Takayama Brand Overseas Strategy.

  • Students asked questions in English such as specific efforts and global strategy of Takayama as a international tourist city.

"What is business ? Starting your own business, language, linkage with overseas"
Mr. Hisashi Miwa, Representative directors of A+LIVE

  • He started his own bisuness when he was 21 years old. Now A+LIVE has been in business for 15 years. Mr. Miwa shared his own experience of setting up operations overseas.

"Domestic produced passenger aircraft MRJ to the world"
Mr. Kiyoshi Sakura, Chief Customer Engineer of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

  • He talked about importance to understand spiritual meaning of "manufacture" and important element of being a leader of MRJ development team.

"Essence of Japanese Culture on Noh"
Mr. Takahiro Kitanami, Noh actor of Kanze-ryu shite-kata

  • Mr. Kitanami shared video and performed Noh to show it's physical movement and utterance method. Students discussed on a reason of why Non-Japanese are attracted to Noh and disscussed on a topic of " Noh is eternal truth of Japan?"

August 11

"Consensus Building Program"
Ms. Hiroko Hyakutake, The chairman of the board of directors of Consensus Building and Process Association

  • Students learned what is consensus building skill s and then learned basic concept of consensus building and skills through group work.







Student realized existance of diversity through lecturers of experts working on the front line of their field.


(2) Lecture by eight students (graduate students and international stuents) on their field of speciality to groups of high school students (Approximately five students for each group)

Eight Seminars

1. "I" dentity
2. Body Language and how important it is in our daily lives
3. Law, Study Abroad and Global Society
4. Understand other cultures, issues, problem setting, solution
5. True face of the sun
6. Searching world language and culture from proverbs
7. International relations through presence condition of electronic device research.
8. Sustainable Food

  • Students had an intensive learning opportunity through participatory discussion. Assignment was assigned before this seminer. There are various different seminars such as students' realizations were put together in the seminar, introduction of leading-edge research and physics & chemistry which students has not learnt yet. International students came from various countries such as China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, El Salvador, U.S.A. They used English in the seminars and Japanese students mostly used English as well. Students tried to ask questions in English.


(3) Workshop with living group (graduate student / international student / 5 high school student)

During four days program, students deepened their relationship with other SGH students, universitiy students and international students through ice break acticities in a bus on the way to Takayama, workshops and interactions and reflections at the end of each day.


Integration program was held in the morning of final day, each work group decided their own them and made presentaions. In the afternoon they visited Hida Takayama Museum of Art and Takayama city as a part of traning. Students ended the 4 days "SUMMER FESTA" with fulfillment and accomplishment.


Participants included: 39 high school students (25 Asahioka, 9 Meijo, 2 Takaoka, 3 Yokkaichi). 8 graduate students and graduates of Asahioka. 8 International students.
There were 8 living groups.  Graduate students instructed high school students as student leaders. Faculty members were able to proceed the program with only small involvement to assist students.
Aim of this forum was focused on acquirement of attitude as a leader and basic knowledge in various fields.
Students interestingly listened to lectures of guest speakers who are all active in the front lines.
Seminars and workshops instructed by  student leaders were parcially held in English. Students were devided into two categries; Seminars to learn specilized fields and workshop to learn from  Takayama city. However they could not communicate well in English.
All activities were prepared to be consolidated on the last day's integration. The program was structured based on the concept of the program "H-Lab" of Harvard University.
Students deepened their friendship with students from other school. It was a good experience for them such as exchanging opinions actively. However, there were some groups that could not use their time efficiently and did not concentrate on discussion. This will be a task to solve.