Sep.10 4th Global Leader Studies


1. Environmental issue

Dr. Kohei Kubota, Associate Professor of Tokyo University

Global warming and the influence of alien species on biological interaction of ecosystem

  • Dr. Kubota gave a Lecture on food chain and biological interaction in ecosystem, factors that have a drastic influence on biological interaction, influence of alien species on ecosystem. Then students had group discussion on topics of; what other things may occur, what specific things can be done to minimize the impact.



2. Education, Human Right, Volunteer

Dr.Teruyuki Kouda, Professor of Nihon University , College of Humanities and Sciences

Enhance knowledge, thought, and communicate skills

  • Dr. Kouda gave a lecture on the importance of learning and knowledge from various perspectives in an easy-to-understand manner. He taught skills to become an intellectually autonomous existence such as summarizing the discussion of others, summarizing own thoughts. Than students had a group discussion and practiced it. He also gave hints on how to write a research paper.



3. Culture


Mr. Nobuya Koishikawa
Assistant of Director of contents section/Corporate executive officer/ Manager of manpower and management division

Mr. Wataru Nishigauchi
Department of manpower and management development, Manpower and management division of YTV Marketing Group

Let's think about TV

  • Lecturers talked about TV marketing system and audience rating while touched on TV programs of "Himitsu no Kenmin Show" "Downtown DX" which students watched beforehand as a pre-assignment. They mentioned on a topic of recent trend of high school students watching less TV. Then students had a group discussion on the possibilities of new project that combine TV and smartphone.



4. Law, History, Research

Dr. Shigeru Kodama
Professor of Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economic, Mie University

Law to be globalize and law to not be globalize. Mysteries of law.

  • He talked about the globalization of the law and the withdrawal of the UK's separation from EU. Then students had a group discussion and exchanged opinions on topics of nationalism, disparity and cultural diversity from various point of view.



5. Medical issue

Dr. Norifumi Ninomiya
Director of emergency department, Kameda Sogo Hospital, Medical Corporation Tesshokai

Disaster medical treatment, Medical assistance in Sudan

  • The first half, he talked about the characteristics of disasters in recent years as "overview of disaster" and how disaster medicine should be. The later half he gave lecture on the development of the emergency medical system after the 2007 Noto Peninsula earthquake. Then lastly he taught students how important to acquire a viewpoint from various angles, and get out of box and challenge for it.



6. Global business

Dr. Hisatsuna Mori, Professor of faculty of humanity, Mie University

Globalization's light and shadow -Reconsideration of Global Business-

  • He gave a lecture on topics of "What is Global?" "What is Global Economy?", then students had a group discussion on topic of "What is the transformation of the socioeconomic system that global business brings and the problems that it develops?" and "What are the talent and business required for such socio-economic system?"