Oct.22 5th Global Leader Studies


1.Environmental Issue

Mr. Kiyoshi Higuchi, Advisor to Technology of Japan Aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) (Former Executive Director)

Think about environmental problems from outer space

  • Mr. Higuchi talked about environmental problems on Earth seen from outer space and he mentioned that space technology, especially artificial satellites can be a trump card for solving environmental problems. After the lecture, student discussed in groups and tried to find a way for a solution of complicated problems on the Earth.



2. Education, Human Rights, and Volunteer

JICA Chubu Nagoya Global Plaza

JICA visit program

  • Students had a lecture on general activities of JICA Chubu such as accepting and conducting trainings to people from developing countries and dispatching volunteers as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. After that, students explored and observed the facility guided by "Global guide".
  • Students had an opportunity to hear experience from Ms. Goto who was dispatched to Sudan as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. Students discussed and shared opinions on what they can do based on what they learnt from this visit.





3. Culture

Dr. Yoshinori Inagaki, Associate Professor of Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tuda College

"Language" issue of Global era

  • It was a good opportunity for students to think about English language which is so called universal language from linguistic and cultural aspects. Dr. Inagaki gave an advise to students on learning English. He said it is important to learn English with a firm understanding of English speaking culture and at the same time, understanding of your own culture as well.



4. Study of law and history

Dr. Kouji Aikyo, Professor of School of Law, Nagoya University

Constitutional Change in Globalization: Comparison between the U.K. and Japan

  • Dr.Aikyo talked about the basic knowledge and current situation of Japanese Constitution and constitutional revision. Then students debated on the theme of "Revision of the Constitution" and "What preparations are needed for national referendum"
  • At the end, Dr. Aikyo gave a message to student to learn politics and history firmly and think more about the constitution in order to take part of referendum with correct knowledge.




5. Medical Issue

Dr. Norifumi Ninomiya
Director of emergency department, Kameda Sogo Hospital, Medical Corporation Tesshokai

The disaster medical, and the medical support to the Sudan

  • Continued from previous lecture, Dr. Ninomiya talked about disaster medical support team and introduced about activities in the Kumamoto earthquake, activities in the Philippines and Sudan. In Q&A time, students actively participated and many questions were raised regarding the disaster medical site.



6. Global business

AISIN AW Co. Ltd. Human Resource Development of Career Development Department

Ms. Yumi Shibata, Management chief of Staff Stratified Education Group

Global Companies and Human Resource Development -Development of human resources and create a culture which diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their ability-

  • From the standpoint of the human resource development department of a company, Ms. Shibata mentioned that "diversity" is a keyword in the globalizing society to create a work environment so that diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their ability.
  • She also said that further effort is important to promote women's participation.
  • Then students had a group discussion from the view point of "Characteristics and securing human resources of Global Manufacturing Industry" and "Human Resource Utilization in Global Companies".