SGH Lecture on "Human Rights Lecture" on Dec.14 (Wed)

We welcomed Mr. Yoshihiro Uehara, a nonfiction writer who has been covering the issue of burakumin (discrimination) areas and people from discriminated communities in Japan and around the world. He gave a lecture on the title of "Issiue of Buraku: Traveling around the world alley".
As himself being a burakumin and his rich experience of covering scene or the materials from burakumin communities, Mr. Uehara's message was very persuasive and each of his words carried weight.
After the lecture, five students proactively asked questions one after another. Mr.Uehara respectfully answered to their questions.

After the program, 14 voluntary students had a gathering in a relaxed and friendly environment and enjoyed talking to Mr. Uehara.
This "Human Rights Lecture" and gathering talk with 14 students and Mr. Uehara was introduced on a Radio program FM Mie 'Outlook Mie' on December 27 (Tue) 12: 55p.m.