SGH Overseas Field Work in Cambodia (Report)

■ Dates: December 18 (Sun) - 23 (Fri) five nights and six days.
■ Participants: 12 students and 2 teachers

Dec.18 (Sun)

Departure from Chubu Centrair International Airport to Cambodia


Departure from Chubu Centrair international airport, transit at Vietnam and then off to Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Dec.19 (Mon)

JICA Cambodia Office


Chief Representative of JICA Cambodia Office gave an explanation about history of Cambodia and assistance from Japan. He kindly answered to the questions from students. Students visited the reference room in the office and discussed about the support to and possibilities of Cambodia.

Kurata Pepper

Students visited Kurata Pepper run by Mr. Kurata who is originally from Tsu-city, Mie prefecture. Mr. Kurata gave a lecture on his rich experiences such as his childhood and encounter with Cambodia. Students were very impressed by Mr. Kurata's ability and energy to take action. They also got to experience of operation to sort peppers.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum


Students visited political prison camp in Cambodia under the rule of Khmer Rouge.
They diverted former school into prison so that you could see traces of schoolyards and classrooms remain.
There were rooms used for interrogation, dark and narrow cells, tools used in torture. Pictures of many victims were posted on the wall.

Students learnt about this brutal history and felt that they have to make a world where such history will never be repeated again.

Dec. 20 (Tues)

Cambodia-Japan Friendship middle and high School
(Prey Veng Province)


Cambodia-Japan Friendship school is located in a place where it approximately takes two hours from Phnom Penh by car. On the way to the school, students crossed "Tsubasa Bridge" which was build by support of JICA , then they arrived at Cambodia Japan Friendship School. As soon as students introduced themselves they quickly got along. The way they communicate to each other looked truly global. In the end, students gave a set of stationery as a gift which were gathered at Yokkaichi high school.
After that, They enjoyed playing Japanese and Cambodian game. Students experienced power of "smile" which exceeds the language barrior.


They had lunch together then experienced home visit. Students deepened their friendship that will be connected to the future.

Dec. 21 (Wed)

Tonle Bati

Tonle Bati is a small temple which was built in Angkor Wat era. It is located about an hour away from from Phnom Penh by car. Students enjoyed Khmer ruins such as fine ornaments.

Killing Field

People who were taken in Tuol Sleng were brought here and executed.
Even now, the clothing of the victim is buried under the ground.
While listening to explanation of a voice guide, student felt a tragic history happened on the site and inscribed feelings for "peace" strongly.

Royal Palace


Students visited the Royal Palace. It is located in the center of Phnom Penh city and residence of King of Cambodia.
Together with fine weather on the day, students enjoyed beautiful Buddha statues decorated with gold and jewels in the building.

Dec. 22 (Thurs)

Royal University of law and Economics


Research and Education Center for Japanese Law in Royal University of law and Economics ties up with Nagoya University. Students enjoyed interact and communicate with students from the center by teaching Japanese, learning Khmer language, exchanging business cards.


While eating lunch together with school meals in the university, students exchanged information and opinions on topics of Cambodia and their future goals. After lunch, students introduced traditional Japanese game "large-sized KARUTA" made by themselves. They learned traditional Cambodian dance. The time has passed quick and event ended.


They said good bye with tears and left Phnom Penh International Airport behind.