Jan.7 (Sat.) and 8 (Sun.)
6 SGH Joint Workshop and Achievements Presentation of SGH Overseas Field Work in Cambodia

On the weekend of January 7 and 8, 2017, six schools of Super Global High School which hold overseas fieldwork in Cambodia gathered together in Multipurpose Hall of Yokkaichi High School and "Joint Workshop and Achievements Presentation of SGH Overseas Field Work in Cambodia " was held.

In the two days program, participants shared information and knowledge learned through field work. They deepened their understanding, new awareness and future prospects through discussion.

【Participating School】

Showa Women's University Senior High School (Tokyo)
Nishiyamato Gakuen High School (Nara)
Okayama Gakugeikan High School (Okayama)
Hiroshima Jyogakuin Senior High School (Hiroshima)
Wakayama Shin-ai Senior High School (Wakayama)
Mie-Prefectural Yokkaichi Senior High School (Mie)




Dr. Jyunko Mimaki

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


Mr. Toshihiro Ueda

Secretary‐General, NGO RISE ASIA
(Acting Director)


Ms. Sumire Kanda

Overseas Exchange Advisor,
Yokkaichi High School

Jan.7 (Sat.) 13:00-20:00

Plenary Session - Introduction of field work in Cambodia from each school

Each participating school introduced their school and Cambodian field work program.

Group Discussion ① "Sharing experiences in Cambodia"

Participants discussed and shared about attractiveness (strengths) and challenges discovered in Cambodia, 2) what I looked into after returning home, and 3) what I noticed when I heard about the announcement of my colleagues.

Lecture ① "Challenge in Cambodia - How do you capture the attractiveness (strengths) of Cambodia and working on social issues?"

【Instructor】 Mr. Hironobu Kurata,
Board of director, Japan-Cambodia Association of Corporate Executives
Representative Director of KURATA PEPPER Co.Ltd

Mr. Kurata talked that attractiveness or strengths can be found when it is seen from outside. He also mentioned about importance of understanding and respect the diversity of values. In particular, many participants were impressed by the words of "Content is a kingdom" (Content is the philosopher's stone, that turns all it touches into gold). The concept is if about 20% of our desires are satisfied, we can be happy and such person can make others feel happy.

Lecture ② "Challenges in Cambodia - How to capture the attractiveness (strengths) of Cambodia and tackle issues of society as a social investor"

【Lecturer】 Ms. Satoko Kouno
Executive Director, NPO Corporation ARUN Seed

Ms. Kouno explained the "social investment" is a new method for eliminating inequality, not only to create economic benefits but also to solve social problems. She ended her speech with the strength of Cambodia which she believes that knowing unreasonable pain and experience of suffering of the Pol Pot regime.

Group Discussion ② "What is the attractiveness (strengths) and tasks of Cambodia"

Group members were changed and participants had a discussion and made presentations with a new group members.

Panel Discussion (Career Session)

Guest speakers and instructors talked on topics of
1. Career path
2. Work-life
3. Message to high school students

Group Discussion 3. "What is a rich society?"

After discussion with a new group members, each group presented a conclusion to describe "A rich society is ***". Various answers came out such as "Society with sufficient potential" "Society which people are able to pursue the richness of each thought" .

Jan. 8 (Sun.) 8:30-14:30

Group Discussion 4. " Making Action Plan"

Participants made an action plan on a theme of "If we are Cambodia's ***, what tasks do we want to tackle in order to create a rich society?" Based on the discussion which was done earlier on topics of Cambodia's attractiveness, challenge and the rich society. After each group's presentation, participants voted for "the most thrilled presentation".

Group Discussion 5.

They concluded two days workshop by sharing their opinions among group members on a topic of what they have discovered this workshop and what they should do as a global talent from here after. Many participants realized the importance of the opportunity to transmit opinions and interaction with others.

After the closing, participants were reluctant to part from each other, exchanged their contacts and promised for reunion. This two days workshop has been good opportunity for them to become global talent and its process started from the field trip in Cambodia.

Thank you for your participations for this two days workshop!