1st Major theme lecture presentation

Title: "Viewing from the perspective of national civil servants, how to make your career education"

Lecturer: Mr. Masayoshi Tamura, New Business Promotion Division, Management Support Department, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

1st SGH Major Theme Lecture was held on April 19, Wednesday, 2017. We invited Mr. Tamura, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, an alumni of Yokkaichi High School (graduated on 2008) as a lecturer.
He enjoyed playing volleyball since his high school time. He was good at both in academics and in sports. He entered Tokyo University after graduation.
After graduation, I became a bureaucrat with a keen sense of "I want to change the world by becoming a state civil servant."
He is now engaged in the promotion of small and medium enterprises, and supports young business managers who will play prominent role for Japanese in the future.
He mentioned that it is important to build relationship with trust as he called "face to face relationship" in business.
As a message to juniors, he emphasized importance of English due to globalization, to learn about foreign countries, and "serendipity" to go to various places and gain encounter and experiences.
He also talked with enthusiasm that it is important to clarify your aim and put effort to it. If you wish, it will come true.
At the round-table talk after the lecture, 34 students gathered and listen to Mr.Tamura's talk on his thoughts and his experiences. We hope to have him again.
As a result of questionnaire, about 85% of the students answered his lecture was helpful for their future career. His lecture motivated first grade students especially since those answers came from them.