University of Tokyo, Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2017 1st semester "Friday Special Lecture for High School Students"

<DATE> April 21st (Friday) 17:30-19:00 / <Venue> Information Room 1
<Theme> Discovery of small mass of neutrinos

Lecturer: Dr.Takaaki Kajita ... Professor, University of Tokyo Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (Nobel Prize laureate in Physics in 2015)

The 1st lecturer was Mr. Takaaki Kajita who was a laureate of Nobel Prize in Physics in 2015. The topic of lecture was "Discovering the small mass of neutrinos".
The lecture was held via internet. Live image was shown on the computer screen of the information room, the resume was on the slide and lecturer's voice was clear to hear. Students enjoyed opportunity to have a lecture in the same atmosphere as a lecture in Tokyo University.
In our school, nearly 40 students and teachers attended the lecture and listened to the explanation of "neutrino".
There was a question and answer session after the lecture. Our female students asked question to professor Kajita. Students had fruitful time.