2nd Major theme lecture presentation

Title: "Capability to live in the global age"

Lecturer: Mr.Nakagaki Kiyoyuki, Foundry Senior Software Engineer

2nd SGH Major Theme Lecture was held on May 17, Wednesday, 2017. We invited Mr. Nakagaki, Foundry Senior Software Engineer, an alumni of Yokkaichi High School (graduated on 1997) as a lecturer.
Mr. Nakagaki received 88th Academy Science and Technology Award in 2016. He joined the development team of CG production software "MARI" after graduating from university in New Zealand. He continues to stay in a team to develop "MARI" in general.
He introduced some of the movies which "MARI" are actually used. Many students watched them interestingly.
He talked about important things in working in a global environment with a topic of "Capability to live in the global era". He mentioned importance of being able to communicate in English and also effective method to communicate. It was meaningful for the students who want to play active role in abroad in the future.
Mr. Nakagaki's emphasized the importance of challenging in various matters. He said whatever the experience either failure or successful, definitely will be useful in the future. It is important to gain wide range of knowledge (knowledge of mathematical differentiation and integration is indispensable for CG etc.)
Nine students visited the waiting room after the lecture. They asked questions to Mr. Nakagaki such as "how to find an opportunity to work abroad" and "wanting to learn more about MARI" and so on.
The questionnaire result indicated that approximately 90% of students answered the lecture was helpful for their future career. Tendency was especially high in the 3rd grade students probably because they have specific image about their future.