The 1st Global Leaders' Academy

Lecture title: "How to write thesis and how to conduct successful research"

Lecturer: Dr. Masami Wada, Liberal Arts Education Institute, Mie University

The 1st Global Leaders' Academy (GL Studies) of school year of 2017 was held.
First, as an opening of GL studies of this year, our school principal gave a message of encouragement to the students. Then course schedule of this year and general instruction were given.
Then, Professor Wada of Mie University gave a lecture on "How to write thesis and how to conduct successful research" . He explained how to write thesis which would make people to have interest to read through lecture and workshop.
There were group learnings for three times during his lecture. Students participated lively and expressed their opinions. His explanation was clear and easy to understand. It gave students big hints on writing thesis.
At the thematic separate meeting, teaching assistant (TA) was selected under the theme coordinator. Students also confirmed each other's contact address and numbers.
Lastly, "2016 Teenage Ambassador"of 1% AEON club participants made a presentation as a report of overseas training.
Participants presented introductions of culture, history, life, and impressions they had. They also mentioned that overseas experience greatly contributed to expand their global view and there future career.


Opening remarks from school principle


Lecture from professor Wada, Mie University


Group discussion 1


Group discussion 2


Vietnam report 1


Vietnam report 2