3rd Major theme lecture presentation

Title: Space work

Lecturer: JAXA SSA (Space Situational Awareness) System
Project Manager: Ms.Mayumi Matsuura

Ms. Matsuura explained her work by showing photos of "International Space Station", "Kotorori" and "Understanding Space Condition".
She also talked about "Space Situational Awareness", artificial objects (= space debris) in the space. It was a meaningful lecture.
After the lecture, more than dozens of students voluntarily gathered and asked questions to Ms. Matsuura enthusiastically such as "How can I get into JAXA?" "What will happen to the International Space Station in the future?"
Result of questionnaire showed what students understood the contents well. The percentage of "I listened the lecture seriously" was the highest among all the lecture in the past.
We hope students took this opportunity to rise their interest toward to the space and find a career step in this field.