The 2nd Global Leaders' Academy

Date: June 17 (Saturday) 13:00-16:15/ Venue: Large Lecture Room
Lecture title: "Expected Mindset for Leaders"

Lecturer: Ms. Junko Mimaki, Economic Infrastructure Development & Environment Division, JICA Tokyo

Ms. Mimaki used slide and video clips and gave lecture on the topics of following contents. Students had discussion on the topic of global leader image in groups and in pairs.

· EQ and CQ (curiosity index) are regarded as important as well as IQ in near future.
· Values will change and role models will disappear. Therefore there is a great significance to learn Global Leader Studies.
· Leverage your "strengths" for others. It becomes "strength" when you use it for others. In other words, everyone has strong and weak point. It becomes a powerful weapon when you combine "strength".
· Causes of anxiety (hesitation) are 1) Lack of knowledge and information 2) low self-esteem
· GRID is the common key point of successful person, not talent.
· If you do not have self-confidence, it increases by serving others.
· Three types of communication that convey original ideas to others →Leaders should explore ways to appeal ideas to others.
· It is important to For good presentations, ask the right question of your original, clarify research methods, and summarize it based on your original ideas.
· Training method of book reading for information gathering
· It is important for the leader to draw a vision.

Students evaluated as high satisfaction. The lecture was well received among the students.