HAKUNETSU English Lecture

As part of SGH "Global Action" program, "HAKUNETSU (Incandescent) English Course" started again this year from 19th June (Monday).
Professor Edward Scruggs of Nanzan University is the lecturer. He will teach four times for each term. (Lecture in 2nd term will start in October) His lecture will be 90 minutes and in total of eight lectures in this school year.
He will cover topics of environmental issues, Developing Countries, Health Care, Art, Cultural Comparison. Students will listen to lectures in English first, then discuss on the topic in a group of two to three student, compile opinions and give presentation. This is to aim , I will try to acquire the power to discuss in. It aims to acquire discussion ability in English.
In the first term, 33 students are taking this class. Students participate seriously and happily under enthusiastic instruction of Professor Edward.