University of Tokyo, Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2017 1st semester "Friday Special Lecture for High School Students" #5

<Date> June 23 (Friday) 17:30-19:00 /<Venue> First Information Room
[Theme] If you have a smartphone, you do not need a newspaper?

Lecturer: Ms.Atsuko Tsuji ...
・Former Asahi Shimbun Editorial Board Member
・Affiliate Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tokyo University
・Specially-appointed professor, International Organization, Nagoya University

Ms. Tsuji gave a lecture based on her experience as a newspaper reporter. She also shared a story of news paper making process as well as experience of her difficulty/hardship.
She warned Japanese society as "Newspaper Superior Country". She used example of
・Difference between paper based newspaper and the digital articles of smartphone which can be easily accessed
・ What would happen if the newspaper disappears
・Distortions of civil society in the United States
She emphasized importance of recognition of the characteristic of newspaper and select information to obtain it as your own knowledge. She explained by using story of young SHOGI player Mr. Fujii who gain information from paper based newspaper.

More than 10 students enthusiastically participated thought it was first Arts and Humanity lecture. After questions asked by students from other school, one student responded as "Although I have been reading newspaper vaguely, I now learned various ways to read and different viewpoint. It broadened my vision".