Aug.7 (Mon) - 10(Thurs.) 3rd Takayama Global Summer Festa

Learning and interaction program for high school students hosted by Aichi Prefecture Asahigaoka High School (Cooperated by Chubu Economic Federation, Takayama-City, Hida-City). 41 students from four high schools (Yokkaichi High School, Asahigaoka High School, Meijyo University Senior High School, Toyama prefectural Takaoka High School) participated the program. It was 3days 4 nights schedule and workshops were held in Takayama-city and Hida-city in Gifu.
Students stayed in Asahigaoka High School Linkan Gakusha and Ryokan (Japanese style-inn) in the city.
Program was structured with three programs.

(1) Lecture forum by guest speaker


"Think of Takayama from global point of view" (Significance of work / Significance of money)
Mr. Kazuhiro Arai, Board director of Kamakura Investment Trust

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I understood money is just a tool and if it become a purpose, you may fail.
  ◆ Money is not only method to become happy.
  ◆ We could deepen the learning by discussion of small groups.

"Japanese traditional technique to the world"
Mr. Go Matsumoto, Board of Director, HIDA NO MORI DE KUMA WA ODORU (Dancing bear in a forest of Hida).

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I learnt system to create a society that combines the latest technology and tradition.
  ◆ I would like to see the art work of foreign artist who visit HabCafe Hida.
  ◆ I enjoyed the perspective of regional dissemination such as spreading use of Hida's wood to the world.

Hida no Takumi Bunkakan (Cultural Hall of Hida Master)

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ Traditional wood processing technology was very interesting.
  ◆ I wonder how did master in the old time came up with the idea of this wood curving.
  ◆ I became to realize how important it is to inherit Hida craftsmanship from generation to generation.


"Microalgae Save The Earth"
Mr. Kinya Atsumi, New Business Promotion Office Business Planning Manager

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I was very surprised to know the power of "algae".
  ◆ I learnt a lot because the lecture was held in English.

"My business life full of challenges and failures & Workshop: Let's think about entrepreneurial ideas
Mr. Hisashi Miwa, Representative directors of A+LIVE

[Students' Comments]
  ◆ His message "I can fail when I am young" impressed me.
  ◆ From his speech, I could tell company's staffs have high mind set toward to their work.

"We decided to see the future on the island"
Mr. Hiroshi Abe, "megurinowa" Co, Ltd. Representative Director

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I realized it is possible to develop together with world even in rural areas.
  ◆ I became to know the importance of friendship and network after hearing his message "It is still okay if company collapse, because I have friends."

"Brakes of violence"
Mr. Takahiro Kitanami, Noh actor for shite-kata of Kanze-ryu

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ It was my first time to get to know and actually experienced Noh. I thought it was deep.
  ◆ I wonder what part of Noh is appealed to people in overseas?


"Leadership and Consensus Building"
Dr. Hiroko Hyakutake
Professor of Prefectural University of Hiroshima
Director of Consensus Building and Process Association

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I learned how leader should behave and an image of new leader.
  ◆ I learned the procedure of consensus building. I would like to make use of it in my daily life.
  ◆ I learned how difficult it is to unite the options of many people.








Students learned from lecturers from front line of various field not only gaining knowledge but also experience it physically. They realized world is diverse.


(2) Seminars by Seminar Leaders

Lectures were held by graduate students and international students in active learning method.

Eight Seminars

1. Can we change the world? International development though sports
2. Who create new era
3. Solving social problems in business! Let's become a social entrepreneur!
4. Globalization seen from electronic device research and engineering
5. Technology to "connect" the world
6. Emission Trading Markets in Japan and China
7. Issues and prospects for inbound in Japan viewed from comparison of purchasing habits of consumers in various countries
8. Cinderella’s Guide to English  Finding the “Shoe” that Fits

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I believe it is important to respect differences between your own and other countries on the issue of inbound in Japan.
  ◆ I understand sports have a great force. UN use it in their project internationally.

Special Seminar "High Mountain Study"

Seminar Leader: Mr. Jyunpei Maruyama (Gifu University)

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I learned that there are actually many problems even in Takayama city where there are many international tourists.
  ◆ There seems to be many problem for foreigners to settle down in the area.
  ◆ I was surprised to know that there are only small number of people can teach Japanese language to foreigners.






(3) Workshop in daily group (Graduate students, International students, 5 high school students)

The day started from ice break in the bus. Other SGH students, graduate school students and international students who took care of us in daily groups had good interactions through workshops, interactions and reflection session in the end of the day. They deepened their relationship during these four days.
Integration session in the morning of the final day, each group had presentation on the topic which they have decided. Students visited Hida Takayama Art Museum and had study tour in Takayama city. Four days Festa ended with feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.

 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I realized that I should start talking to others to start conversation.
  ◆ I was perplexed by difference between others and my sensitivity but it was a good learning experience.
  ◆ It was quite difficult to communicate in English with international tourists.



 [Students' Comments]
  ◆ I found new part of me by looking back on myself. I now know what is necessary for self-formation. I want to improve weak point of myself which I tend to hide my negative parts of myself.
  ◆ I was very nervous at first, but I recognized how important to involve with others with various opinions.
  ◆ I realized that things I am able to do without any effort in my ordinary life but I realized it is so difficult to perform with my fill ability in a new environment. I was timid of challenging new things but now I learned importance of it.
  ◆ In this festa, there were a lot of interaction with other participants. by speaking with them, I gradually was able to start conversation with strangers. I am regret that I was too nervous to talk to international students in English.
  ◆ I used to think "leader must lead people," but such thought has changed after session. It was good to know some "leaders support others from behind". I have to review and redirect my behavior.


 41 high school students (18 students from Asahigaoka, 14 from Meijyo, 2 from Takaoka, 7 from Yokkaichi). 8 undergraduate/graduate students and adults. Teachers were in charged schedule management only. Undergraduate and graduate students instructed high school students as seminar leaders.
 Forum is focused for students to acquiring attitude as mature adults, leaders and obtain necessary basic knowledge in various fields. Students showed much interest and listened to the guest speakers' lectures who are active on the front lines of each field.
 Seminars and workshops were instructed by seminar leaders and they were partially held in English. Seminars were held for each group by seminar leaders and based on their specialized fields. One of the workshop planned by leaders was for students to interview teachers in English and introduce that contents to others in English.
 This program was planned based on "H-Lab" summer school program for high school students. Activities "Seminar" "Forum" "Workshop" "Interaction" "Reflection" are integrated into the session of "integration" on the final day. Participants gained experience to interact and debate with students from other schools. Some groups were not able to use time effectively and could not concentrate on discussion. These are tasks to be tackled in the future.