5th Global Leader Studies

Date: Oct.21 (Saturday)
Venue: 1st Information Room, Multipurpose Room
Topic: Guidance for writing thesis

The second grade students worked on the preparation of the paper as a summary of the final stage. The first grade students experienced presentation using poster and discussion. Students of both grade seemed had a fulfilling time.


2nd grade students
They worked on writing thesis in the first information room. They were perplexed in how to search the materials on internet. After Instructor gave them instruction and then they were able to find information they wanted smoothly. Some students showed their strong motivation to write good thesis such as by asking questions such as how to find good materials. Some students already started making power point.

1st grade students
Students were divided into nine groups and had a discussion on a topic of " A good point of Japanese high school that we want to leave in the future" and then had presentation. They discussed on three points "good point", "point need to be improved" and "features they want to keep in the future". After 5min. presentation there were Q&A time. Students showed positive attitude by using presentation and debate skills they learnt in the past.


2nd grade students searching materials


1st grade students group discussion


Lively discussion in Q&A time


1st grade students poster presentation