November 18th 6th Global Leader Studies


1. Environmental Studies:

Professor Kohei Kubota, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Regional warming and the influence of alien species on biological interaction of ecosystem

 Students were given a lecture on importance of symbiosis with microorganisms for plant growth and plant animals to eat plants. Food chain include not only grazing food chain which start from grazing animal but also corrosion chain starting from dead bodies and feces of animals and plants.
 Lecture explained (1) The influence of global warming and (2) the influence of foreign organisms causes a sudden change in the biological interaction and the normal process of violated ecosystem by using example of familiar plants and animals such as corals, butterflies, American crayfish, black bath, cherry blossoms.
 He gave us a list of countermeasures against global warming; reducing amount of garbage, recycle, use of public transportation. As for a countermeasure against adventive species, encouragement of people to improve their manner of having pets, making facilities to take care of pets which lose their owner.



2. Education · human rights · volunteer 3. culture 4. law · history research

Professor Chizuko Ueno. Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo/ Visiting Professor of Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences/Executive Director of Women's Action Network

「What is democracy?」

 She gave a lecture with a title " What is democracy?". When talked about "various democracy" and "sovereign" by asking question of "What is democracy?"
 After that, students had group discussion with KJ method and opinion exchange on topics of "why youth (19-29) vote rate in the previous general election is low?" "Why are the LDP approval rating is high in youth(teenagers & 20s) ?"
While many positive and negative opinions and impression were raised from students, "I did not expect our generation to be conservative, but I was surprised to find out that consolidating opinion is obviously conservative." I am convinced by the word "giddiness". I want to break away from being "gidders" and keep interest on this issue.




5. Medical issue

Professor Hiroki Hori, Faculty of Medicine/Executive Vice-President of Mie University

Recommendations for global issues ~Medical Issues~

 We conducted each of the following three topics ① to ③ in the form of lectures, group discussions and presentations.

1. Global health problems :
  What is the health problem in a transformational global scale?
2. Childhood cancer in low / middle income countries:
  Does the child's life of childhood cancer differ according to the country of birth?
  What can I do to save children in childhood cancer in the world?
3. Social determinants of health (SDH):
  Social determinants of health and medical inequality

 The students were given opportunities to compare Japan and other countries on the issue of global health and regional disparities. Students had new discoveries and awareness from lectures and group discussions.
 Students made comments such as "I realized importance of understanding other's values in order to deal with global issues. Foster the ability to think autonomously considering development of the other party. I gained new view through discussion process.



6. Global business:

Ms. Yumi Shibata, Human Resources Development, Human Resources Development Department, Staff System Hierarchical Education Group, AISIN AW Co. Ltd.

Growth of global companies

 Student had group discussion on Merits and demerits of "Diversity" regarding global strategy of AISIN AW and gave presentation. Then they discussed on what do we do if the involved organization becomes 'diversity', and gave presentation.
 Students made comments as " It was a valuable experience to learn the real situation by looking at the talent strategy of the global company and the latest equipment". I was impressed of the term of "unconscious prejudice". I want a company that I am going to work in the future supports diversity. Diversity using IT technology will be developed further and I am looking forward to it. I was able to learn the issue of women's employment.
 Students understood company has their ideal company in a vague image of "global company". They depend their understanding both advantages and disadvantages of diversity by learning example of actual situation in a company.