5th SGH Large Theme Lecture

Date: November 22 (Wednesday)
Venue: Gymnasium
Theme: Listen to the small voice; Voice of Serbian friends on war and food
Lecture: Dr. Kayoko Yamazaki
Poet/Translator/Professor of University of Belgrade

 She started a lecture by introducing "Human Rights Message" by Kyoko Yamazaki who lives in Serbia. She also shared anguish of the people in the civil war by reading a novel written by local young novelist.
We prepared a trunk with food and clothes in order to be able to evacuate at any time during the civil war. What I got was many friends while in a life of facing tension of war on a daily basis.
 Dr. Yamazaki gave as a message " Do not feel lonely, listen to the voice of someone, or talking to someone gently."
 Students enjoyed gathering session and talked with Dr. Yamazaki after her lecture.