Super Global High School National High School Forum 2017

Date: November 25, 2017 (Saturday) 9:00-17:00
Venue: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Convention Center

 Three 2nd grade students from our school attended the SGH National High School Forum hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and University of Tsukuba.

[Part 1]
Professor Eriko Kawai of Graduate School of Kyoto University gave a keynote lecture on "How to fly to the world as a global talent". She talked about how to improve English ability and important attitude in overseas based on her own experience.

[Part 2]
 Students gave presentation in this poster session on a topic of "From Mie / Yokkaichi to the world! Learning from measures to resolve pollution, aiming for a sustainable society". They introduced about representative students of the Junior Summit of the Ise Shima Summit G7 in 2016, giving presentation to university students of the 2017 American-American Student Council in English on a topic of what Yokkaichi city learnt from the pollution issue. They also shared what they gained from the experience of above events was significance of direct communication with youth in the world.
 They were able to present proudly and able to answered to questions by sharing responsibilities in Q&A session.


After this, they attended exchange and networking meeting with other SGH participants. They were divided into groups and exchanged opinions/information and deepen friendship.

[Part 3]
 In the discussion by representative students from SGH designated school, various information was provided from high school students who had experience in overseas. Facilitator was Professor Takahiko Hattori, a Professor of Ootsuma Women's University.

 Lastly, presentations were given by four schools selected from 120 schools (Kousei Gakuen Jyoshi, Ritsumeikan, Osaka-fu Mikunigaoka, and Keimei Gakuen) . Then the day was closed by awards ceremony and closing ceremony.

[Comment from student]

・I realized that I need to broaden my horizons in order to think globally by getting to know and interact with students from other schools.

・I realized the importance of not only think globally but also act globally.

・I receive impulses from many students with awareness of various issues who have actively worked for resolution of those issues.