Report of Mie prefecture Yokkaichi High School SGH program Overseas field work in Tianjing, China 2018

■Schedule: Dec. 16 (Sat.) to Dec.20 (Wed.) ■Participant: 12 students, 2 teachers

Day 1: Dec. 16(Sat) Weather Sunny (Aichi) Sunny (Tianjin)


 Departure at 11:00 by JAL 841 (JL841) arrived in Tianjing Binhai International Airport. Mr. Liu, the local guide, joined us and then we have visited two places in the city.

1. Zhou Enlai Deng Shing Memorial Hall

 (Memorial hall of the first Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China, Zhou En Lai and his wife Deng Ying Chao)

2. Tianjin Radio and Television Tower

 (Highest building in Tianjin, TV tower with 415.2 meter high. There is an observation room at a height of approx.250meter, and you can see the city 360 degrees)

Day 2: Dec.17 (Sun) Weather Sunny (Tianjin)

 Students had city tour and visited commercial facilities.

1. Yangliuqing Museum - Shijia Court yard

 Yangliuqing-zhen is a town known as one of the leading ancient towns in China's northern area with more than 1000 years of history. The observation place is restoring now. The Shijia Court yard is one of the most famous Tianjin houses. Now it became a museum that exhibit Chinese customs.

2. Lunch & commercial facilities (Tianjin AEON mall, Zhongbei)

 Students visited one of AEON Malls in Tianjin City (Aeon is named 永園 in Chinese). Mall with a large parking lot, it was crowded with families since it was on weekends. Students had lunch in a mall and then took subway, public transportation to their next destination.

3. Ancient Culture Street / Palace of the Goddess

 Old streets with 800 years of history. A place that can be said origin of Tianjin. Students visited a temple enshrine the goddess of the sea which became Tianjin folk museum. Then they had free time in ancient culture street. Students purchased souvenirs in a shopping street of old books and toys, traditional handi craft, food and drinks.


Day 3 Dec. 18 (Mon) Weather Sunny (Tianjin)

 On 3rd day, students visited Tianjin Foreign Studies University Foreign Languages School in the morning, then visited Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the afternoon.

1.Tianjin Foreign Studies University Foreign Languages School

 Mr. Qi Yujun (Director of International department) and Ms.Zhao Xiangyu (Japanese language teacher, contact person of foreign language school) and three students from Japanese department welcomed and guided us. Students visited Japanese class of 2nd grade. They enjoyed performance of Japanese skits on popular topics in China (such as Electronic payment, Bicycle rental, High-speed railway etc.) Yokkaichi high school performed traditional Japanese story "Momotaro (peach boy)" in English and Japanese. then, students naturally were divided into groups and enjoyed interaction session of 50minutes.
 Then students participated national flag raising ceremony and English class in 1st grade of junior high school. They also visited memorial hall of the school, then had lunch in a school cafeteria. They enjoyed playing table tennis with Chinese students until the time of departure.


2. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the earliest universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. They have campus in Kobe, Hyogo pref., Japan. Principal of International educational department. Principle of International education department Prof. Hainan Li welcomed us. Dean of International Education Department Prof. Chu gave us a welcome speech then introduced university educational program. Students then walked to Tianjin Chinese Medicine University Hospital outside of campus. Students visited research rooms, laboratory rooms and saw laboratory instruments and models. They also had an opportunity to visit medical examination rooms and rehabilitation room as well.

Day 4 Dec.19(Tues)Weather Sunny (Tianjin)

 Students visited Tianjin University of Technology 4th day. In the afternoon they visited Model base of Wan Miao farm and Xiang Nai Wei Si (Tianjin) Food Limited Company. It was kindly coordinated by Mr. Takanori Kawai and he assisted us during the tour.

1. Tianjin University of Technology

 We first visited International Exchange Center and received explanation of the university. Then students enjoyed tea time with two Japanese students in the university and visited exhibition room. University campus include facility of 6th floor library, industrial training facility, gym which is national 1st level building facility and used as a site of national martial art competition this past summer. They had lunch in a guest room of campus cafeteria with a big welcome. (Students transferred to next site after lunch)

2. Model base of Wan Miao farm

 This institute was established as a part of National Agriculture Comprehensive Development Plan. Students visited green house cultivate cherry tomato, star-fruit, chili pepper, egg plant and ate some of the vegetables in a house.

3. Xiang Nai Wei Si (Tianjin) Food Limited Company

 Xiang Nai Wei Si Food Limited Company is a local subsidiary of Taiyo Kagaku Cooperation, its' head office is located in Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture. Taiyo Kagaku Cooperation has established a local subsidiary of bakery project as a joint enterprise with Francois Co., Ltd (Head office located in Fukuoka-city). Bread sold in Seven-Eleven 60% of Beijing, 80% of Tianjin are produced from Xiang Nai Wei Si.
 After a lecture of company's profile, students visited a factory. As they went along the production line, they had a lecture on the procedures off stirring ingredient, shaping, fermentation under refrigeration, baking, packing and shipping. They were very excited to try out fresh baked bread after the tour. They were very happy to have souvenirs!


Day 5 Dec. 20(Wed)Weather Sunny (Tianjin)

 Students visited Tianjin Museum of Modern History and We Da Dao which as a British concession on their last day in Tianjin.

1. Tianjin Museum of Modern History

 It is a history museum opened in 1953. The museum mainly introduce the history and culture of modern Tianjin in detail.

2. Wu Da Dao (Five Great Avenue)

 Wu Da Dao was area of British concession from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Many westerners settled in this area. Students enjoyed exotic streets and visited several buildings on this street.


 After lunch, students said bye to Mr. Liu who assisted the tour for five days and departure at 14:30 of JAL 840. They safely arrived Chubu Centrair International Airport.