An empowerment program was implemented.

 A total of 60 people including 51 first-year students, 6 Yokkaichi Minami High School students and 3 Kawagoe high school students participated in the Empowerment Program at the multipurpose hall at our school for 5 days from August 6 (Monday) to 10 (Fri).
 We divided all students into eleven groups consisting of mainly facilitators who are dispatched from the organizing company ISA, and five to six students. The group leaders of each group were foreign students from famous overseas universities. Under their guidance, the groups discussed all of the themes in all English, made poster and then presented their discussions.
 On the first day, many students met one another for the first time, so there was some awkwardness. However, as the day progressed, the atmosphere became more relaxed and friendly and by the end of the day, trust was built within the groups as they engaged in all activities using only English with zeal and enthusiasm.
 In the afternoon on the final day, the participants summarized what they got out of this program, what kind of changes in their own consciousness and future goals and presented all these in a two minutes' speech in front of everybody. With the presentation, their confidence was strengthened and their own achievements were affirmed.
 This year saw a great number of participants such that the lectures had to be conducted in the multipurpose hall. However, thanks to the individuals working as a team with various issues, the program was successful with lots of zeal and zest.

Serious group discussions


Voicing out opinions


At times, there were some activities.


Making posters



Presenting the posters


Lastly, a group photograph