Yokkaichi High School Super Presentation, 2018

 Yokkaichi High School Super Presentation 2018 was held in our school gymnasium. Through the SGH activities is an event to share the findings of research learnt from university professors, business managers, employees etc. to the local community. Students prepared suggestions and opinions from their findings. This forum is held annually and this was the fourth year.

 After opening remarks from school principle Ms. Wada, 12 students who participated overseas field trip to Cambodia and China made presentations in English.
 In the presentation of Cambodian fieldwork participants, students explained history, culture and introduced high school and university where they had visited. At the end of presentation, they made proposals on how they can be involved in the local issues and tasks. Presentation from fieldwork participant of China Tianjin, they explained about environmental issues and living conditions such as traffic issues. They also introduced details of high school they had visited. In the end, students encouraged other students to go abroad by using proverb "A picture is worth a thousand words."







Then, three selected students from school presentation held in December, made presentation as "Proposal to the global society and opinion exchange forum".
 Research topics and presenters are as below.

①1. To build a environmental friendly home for the future 2nd grade Ms. Haruka Sakakura

Environmental problems are caused by global warming. When we think about "environmentally friendly house" I focused on "emission and absorption of carbon dioxide". I would like to discuss with everyone on this topic that environmental issues are involved in everything in daily life.

2. "What is necessary for positive measures to the Dowa issue" 2nd grade Mr. Kotaro Hisanaga

There are various kinds of discrimination in the world. There is a "Dowa issue" in Japan. I thought India 's discrimination measures were effective to solve Dowa problems in Japan. I would like to discuss what measures should be taken to solve the Dowa problem by referring measures in India.

3. Potential of Russia and Japanese sake business 2nd grade Ms. Wakana Kawamura

I came up with a business plan to export Japanese sake to Russia. Serious alcoholic health damage is becoming a social problem in Russia. I would like to contribute to solve social problems in Russia by developing Japanese sake business in Russia.







 After a break, three panelist; Dr. Yasuonri Iwasaki (President of Yokkaichi University), Dr. PARK, Hye-Sook (Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics & Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies, Director of Regional ECO System Research Center), Mr. Jyunji Tanehashi (President of Yokkaichi Chamber of Commerce and Industry) made comments. After question and answer session, students in the venue also asked questions and discussion has deepened greatly.