1st Major theme lecture presentation

Date:April 18 (Wed.) 2:30p.m.-3:45p.m. Venue: School gymnasium in Yokkaichi High School
Topic: The Impossible Dream

Lecturer: Professor Masatoshi Hagiwara, M.D., Ph.D. , Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University

 Mr. Hagihara is specialized in chemical biology and RNA biology. In his youth, he was engaged in research on drug discovery of genetic diseases which is said difficult to recover. He intended to become surgeons, but he was also interested in other things such as reading, traveling and taking Siberian railroad. In his passed, he repeatedly failed in his research but eventually he succeeded to develop new medicine. It was his "Impossible Dream" to save those suffering from intractable diseases that can not be cured with current medical care.
  In addition to medical related story, he talked about importance of "words" (letters) from the biological point of view. He also explained "Learning method to become smart" from the perspective of cranial neuroscience.
 He closed his speech referring quote "serendipity" by British author Walpole as a message to high school students. "When you look for something, you might find valuable thing which is different from the one you looked for." I hope you will challenge various things toward to "treasure mountain". He also introduced words from his former teacher "Prepare for the future" and "Be systematic" . Students asked many questions to him.
 Even after the lecture, students went up to talk to Dr. Hagiwara and asked questions regarding traveling, molecular biology and study method. He answered to each students and at the same time he send messages such as "Have as many friends as possible" "Read books".