1st Major theme lecture presentation ”Human Right"

Date: May 2 (Wed.) 2:30p.m.-3:45p.m. Venue: School gymnasium in Yokkaichi High School
Topic: "Creation ~ Mind to face discrimination consciousness~"

Lecturer: Mr. Naoki Segi, Movie director

 After graduating from our school, Mr.Segi met a movie in college. After graduation from college, he started to work in the field. He has a good reputation for the local settings. He also serves as a Yokkaichi tourism ambassador. Studnets watched movie "Oi" which was taken 1997 by Mr. Segi. Then Mr. Segi gave a lecture.
 The movie pointed out the consciousness of Dowa issue gap between the teacher from the Buraku and his friend who conducted the discrimination survey. Although this movie was taken over twenty years ago, it warns us discrimination caused by ignorance. Mr.Segi also talked about purpose and missions that he put into this move since it was directed by him.
 After his lecture, students asked questions such as "What theme do you use to make film?" "What can we do when we discriminate others unconsciously?" Mr. Segi answered "We all have discriminatory thoughts, but it is important to not to hurt or suppress others.
Mr. Segi answered to each questions such as inside story from his past, how to deal with discrimination from student even after the session.