The 1st Global Leaders' Academy

Date: May 12 (Saturday) 13:00-16:15/Venue: Large Lecture Room


Environment /Education, Human rights, Volunteer /Culture / Law, History /Medical /Global Business

Lecturer : Hidehiko Furumoto, Public Relations, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Lecture title: " Refugee problem and the role of the United Nations"

 The first Global Leaders' Academy in 2018 was held in the Lecture Room and 168 students participated. After speech from the principle Mr. Matsuoka on significance of SGH learning, orientation session was given on Global Leader's Academy.
 Mr. Hidehiko Kurumoto from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees gave lecture on the present situation of refugees, the activities of UNHCR and his own experiences in Iran and Yemen. Then students experienced being a refugee through workshop. Students were divided into 6 groups and topics related to "refugees" was given to each group. Students discussed on the topic lively even it was a short time of 15 minutes.
 Even Mr. Furumoto was surprised by students innovative and original opinions. Due to time limitation, only three students were allowed to ask questions, more students wanted to ask questions. Time passed very fast and there was no time to take break. The lecture gave big impact on students.。
 After the lecture, students gathered in small group according to their topics then decided role of teaching assistant and leader of the group.

0512_01.pngOpening remarks from principle Mr. Matsuoka._0512_02.pngMr. Furumoto giving lecture

0512_03.pngMr. Furumoto giving lecture with passion_0512_04.pngSmall group discussion

0512_05.pngSmall group presentation_0512_06.pngSmall group presentation