3rd SGH Major theme lecture presentation
Date:May 16th (Wednesday) 2:30p.m.-3:45p.m. /Venue: Yokkaichi High School Gymnasium

Title: This is how I took my first step to change the world

Lecturer: Mr. Masaya Onimaru, Director of Terra Renaissance

 Mr. Onimaru, who has abundant experience abroad, began his lecture with the story of the civil war in Uganda and Congo, Africa and talked about miserable children soldiers he met there in 2004. Then he got off from the stage and talked to the students why he started his own organization and support children in Africa.
Based on his mission "Only small power but we are not powerless", he supported 200 Ugandan children's solders' entrepreneurs. He gave presentation on his project about children to return to the society. He also introduced his project "Oozuchi (Hammer) Fukko (restoration) Sashiko (Quilting) Project" which started to support victims of Tsunami, Great East Japan Earthquake.
 He admits himself as a weak person, at the same time, he said he loves his work so he can commit to his work. "There is a person can be saved only by you" was his last message. He also said it is important to value the life 1. Know the fact 2. Do what you can do (take action) 3. Tell others.
 Video message from the former child soldier was very touching.
 At discussion session, students asked questions such as "Why can you commit to such a hard job?" "Is there anything I can do as a student". Mr.Onimaru answered to the questions " What you do now will be useful in the future. Do what you like to do."
 11 students gathered at the conference session after the lecture. Students asked questions one another such as " Why wars break out in Africa?" "Do NPO work on their government?". Mr. Onimaru answered each question with humor. Students seemed very much satisfied.