University of Tokyo, Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2018 1st semester "Friday Special Lecture for High School Students"④

<DATE> June 8 (Friday) 17:30-19:00/<Venue> Information Room 1
<Theme>  ”Photosynthesis and biotechnology”

Lecturer :Professor Masahiko Ikeuchi…Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo Komaba

 Today's topic was photosynthesis and biotechnology. Professor Ikeuchi explained mechanism of photosynthesis that synthesizes organic substance using clean energy from sunlight. It enables survival of almost all organisms on the earth. He also explained about challenges on efficient production of sorbitol by cyanobacteria.
 Professor Ikeuchi, was influenced by his high school homeroom teacher and his senior in geology club, decided to go to study in the University of Tokyo and jumped into this field because he wanted to learn more about "mechanisms" of biological science. Working on a topic of "Do people become able to photosynthesize?" is an extraordinary challenge. He is now staying at the stage of microbial stage and engaged in research on utilization of excellent characteristics of plants.
 The topic seemed to be a little difficult for students and no question was raised. However some of them paid attention to the response till the end of conversation.