2nd Global Leader Studies

Date: June 16 (Saturday) 1:00p.m. - 4:15p.m. / Venue: Large lecture room classroom 311


Environment / education, human rights, volunteer · culture · law, history · medical · global business

1st grade: Dr. Masanori Wada (Mie University) / 2nd grade: Mr. Kitagawa (Yokkaichi High School)

1st grade "How to write essay and report" / 2nd grade: "Presentation and presentation of thesis"

 Different lectures were given to 1st grade and 2nd grade students. Dr. Wada from Mie University gave a lecture on "how to write essay and report" for 1st grade students. After the lecture, students experienced workshop in small groups and had a discussion.
 Under Mr. Kitagawa's instruction, 2nd grade students prepared and gave presentations on thesis which required to submit by July 9th. They wrote summary of their thesis and gave presentation in KAMISHIBAI (picture-story show) style. One presenter was selected and gave presentation in a venue of 1st grade students after the break.
 Presentations were given on five topics, environment, education / human rights / volunteer, culture / legal history, medicine, global business in 5 minutes each. After Q&A session, Dr. Wada made comments and gave advise for each topic and presentation. Topics were interesting such as biomass, toilet at the time of the disaster, juvenile law, diabetes, AI, etc. 2nd grade presenters answered well to questions from 1st grade students. Their presentations were well prepared and it was hard to believe that was done within only one hour. Other students who did not have opportunity to give presentation did very well too.
 1st grade students asked poignant questions which made Q&A session very productive. Particularly in the presentation on topic of AI, students had good discussion on "New Mankind" concept. Dr. Wada made a comment and said he is looking forward to reading finished thesis.
 It was a good opportunity for students to present their own thoughts, discuss with others and ask questions and answering. Such opportunity give students to think deeply. This really was the time for student to learn how to become leader.

<Teachers> Fujio, Ooi, Yoshikawa, Saito, Sugitani, Aya Morimoto, Nishiguchi