Tokyo, Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2018 1st semester "Friday Special Lecture for High School Students"⑦

<DATE> July 20 (Friday) 17:30-19:00/<Venue> Information Room 1
<Theme>  ” Quantitative Analysis of Language"

Lecturer :Professor Yoshifumi Kawasaki …Lecturer of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, Komaba

 Despite the evening of summer vacation, 23 students participated last lecture of this semester. The topic was "Quantitative Analysis of Languages".The students were surprised by the way they could study linguistics that was considered a systematic study by a mathematical approach. Several students asked questions to him. Professor Kawasaki introduced how to expose Pokemon's name and weight by quadratic function differential calculus, how to verify work of Don Quijote is fake or not by Zipf’s law and Cosine similarity.
 Although professor Kawasaki said his research is still in the early stage, students were surprised to learn linguistics research method based on mathematical approach.


Lecture by Professor Kawasaki

Many participants even in evening of summer holidays

Student ask questions by chat