4th Takayama Global Summer Festa

 Aug.6 (Mon) - 9(Thurs.)

Learning and interaction program for high school students hosted by Aichi Prefecture Asahigaoka High School (Cooperated by Chubu Economic Federation, Takayama-City, Hida-City). 42 students from four high schools (Yokkaichi High School, Asahigaoka High School, Meijyo University Senior High School, Toyama prefectural Takaoka High School) participated the program. It was 3days 4 nights schedule and workshops were held in Takayama-city and Hida-city in Gifu. Total of six students (four 1st grade, two 2nd grade) students participated from Yokkaichi High school. Students stayed in Asahigaoka High School Linkan Gakusha and Ryokan (Japanese style-inn) in the city.
Program was structured with three programs.

Aug.6 (Monday)

Departure ~Hida-city~ Asahigaoka High School Linkan Gakusha

Forum 1 "Think of Takayama from global point of view" (Significance of work / Significance of money)
Mr. Kazuhiro Arai, Board director of Kamakura Investment Trust

Workshop 1 "Japanese traditional technique to the world"
Mr. Go Matsumoto, Board of Director, HIDA NO MORI DE KUMA WA ODORU (Dancing bear in a forest of Hida).

Forum2 "Concept car "Setsuna" Ticks down over generations"
Mr.Kenji Tsuji, Toyota Motor Corporation


●On the first day, all participant except Takaoka High School students gathered at Ichinomiya station and departed by bus. Program started by ice break then the lecture and workshop on global project of Hida-city. Participants closed the day by review of the day with small group.


Aug.7th (Tuesday)

Asahigaoka High School Linkan Gakusha and Community Center (Kominkan)

Seminar 1 &2 :
Eight seminars were held. Seminar leaders (Graduate students and adults) and international students gave lectures based on active learning method.

1. Let's explore social issues of the world! Let's think of solutions!
2. What is Legal Assistance? International Cooperation in the Field of law
3. What is Global Leader from the aspect of Education and Peacebuilding
4. Protection of investment of Japanese companies in Ukraine and Special Economic Zones in Thailand
5.Electronic banking and the fight against cybercrime
6.What is International Understanding Education?
7.Education System and school culture
8.Find what you love, connect the dots and make influence as a member of society


Topics of " What does research mean?" "How much are you aware of globalization?" are discussed based on the field of each seminar leader.

Forum 3 " Microalga Save the Earth"
Mr. Kinya Atsumi, Business Planning Manager of Denso New Business Promotion office

 Learning essential elements of development leaders" Spirits of Monodzukuri (Manufacturing)"

"My business life full of challenges and failures & Let's think of ideas of starting new business"
Mr. Hisashi Miwa, Representative directors of A+LIVE

 We must understand what is linguistic capacity and meaning of starting your own business and expand it in overseas

"Maximize the capability of people! From remote island to the world"
Mr. Takamitsu Asai, President of Meguri no WA corporation

 Learn how to make use of people to solve problems in contemporary Japan

"Kodo (Way of Fragrance)"
Mr. Hiroaki Ogisu

 Understand Japanese unique matters through traditional culture



Students learned from lecturers from front line of various field. They realized world is diverse.

Workshop 3 "Takayama Study"
Mr. Maeda (Takayama City Hall), Mr. Jyunpei Maruyama (Faculty of Reginal Studies, Gifu University)

 Lecturers explained current situation of Takayama city. After the lecture, participants shared ideas in small seminar groups and then had presentations. Next day, they visited an old private house in Takayama city and observed the difference between the plan and actual practice.

●On the 2nd day, program contents was filled with seminar leader in Rinkan-gakusha, Lectures by international students, lectures from professionals, workshops of "Takayama Study" to learn how to make a good use of old private house.


Aug.8 (Wednesday)

Asahigaoka Rinkan Gakusha ~ Takayama City Museum" ~ Shitanda (Japanese-Inn)

・Seminar 3
Summary of Lectures of Seminar leaders (Graduate students and adults) and International students

・Forum 4 & Workshop 4 "Leadership and Consensus Formation" 
Dr. Hiroko Hyakutake, Prefectural University of Hiroshima

 In Takayama City Museum, task was given to each group on topic of "Create a slogan to make a strongest team". Students had discussion time and then gave presentations.


Workshop 5

 Workshop after participants went to Ryokan (Japanese-Inn), they were given a task to ask "Important item" to international students in English and then give presentations. International students gave feedback and made comments. It was held all in English and students worked very hard.


●Students moved to Takayama city from Rinkangakusha and participated workshop of Dr. Hyakutake, gave presentation in English in the Inn of Shitanda then prepared for next day. They worked very hard on given tasks.


August 9 (Thursday)

Shitanda (Japanese-Inn) ~ Takayama city ~ Returning


 Students compiled and gave presentations on what they learnt in this Festa.



Takayama City Training (Hida Takayama Art Museum)

 Students were divided into groups and enjoyed sightseeing in Takayama city. They enjoyed interaction with international students in a group and taking to tourists from overseas.。

Reflection in the bus on the way back

 Program was fully prepared by seminar leaders and with international students participation, it was well organized in international environment. Student not only had lectures from variety of fields but also had group discussions to deepen their thoughts. It was a precious experience for them to gain "global" view point. We hope more students will have opportunities to participate such seminars in the future to widen their networks.