University of Tokyo, Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2018 2nd semester "Friday Special Lecture for High School Students"①

<DATE> September 28 (Friday) 17:30-19:00/<Venue> Information Room 1
<Theme>  ” Challenge for manufacturing"

Lecturer:Professor Masaharu Takeuchi …Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo Komaba

 The first session of the second semester was held in the evening of the day when the last term examination was over. About 22 people participated than in the previous term. This time, "Monozukuri" (Creating things) is described as "Iki Monozukuri" (creating living things), and the specialization was in mechanical engineering. Various case examples from the idea of whether it is possible to "make things" using the same structure as a living thing were clearly explained using plenty of videos. The various fields in "Monozukuri" were introduced by first making cells and tissues in three-dimensional structures, before applying "cure" in the medical field, "measure" in environmental measurement and "eat" in food.
 It is a topic linked to everyday subjects such as' smell sensor 'using cells,' vascular 'cell fiber technology' and 'meat that is created' aiming at safe consumption, and so on. The discussion was very intriguing in the field where researches are progressing steadily and the scope of application is expanding. The students were also attracted to Mr. Takeuchi's explanation and they were able to focus so as not to feel tired of the examination.