6th Global Leader Study

Date: November 17 (Saturday)


1. Environment issues

Professor Ryo Kimura, Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering

Think about the road environment of developing countries

 Civil engineering is an activity of restoring the environment, supporting the ordinary life such as making a road, flood control, greenery. We learn when we have a problem or issue, it is important to have a desire to solve them as well as having mission and technological innovation. (Question→Passion → Mission → Innovation) Observability, simplification of problems, information gathering, exceeding the language barrier, and idea power are important as well.
 In Japan, more than 90% of the roads are paved, but in the world, especially in African countries more than 80% of roads are not paved. It get muddy in rainy season and it become difficult to walk. Because the road is not maintained, people are not able to go to school or hospital and they can not go to to market to sell agricultural crops, poverty is not resolved. Maintaining the road leads to enriching their lives. Professor Kimura devised a construction method of using sandbags as a method for residents to improve their own path without using machines. He provided technical education to local people. The sandbag construction method is low cost, but maintenance is necessary. However it can be done by local people without assistance which brought them confidence. It brought them a way to reach cash procurement and provided a first step to a richer life. Through the spread of the sandbag construction method, Prof. Kimura made a business project of youth job creation to support developing countries as a social enterprise involving the government.



②Education, Human rights, Volunteer / ③ Cultural Research

Dr. Masakatsu Fujita Professor emeritus, Kyoto University

Significance of academics in the age of globalization--- Role of humanities

 Dr. Masakatsu gave lecture on significance of academics in the age of globalization using power point.
 First of all, he talked about what is "humanities", its definition and the present situation, importance of humanities and leisure. He also talked about free liberal arts and university (universitas) is the place to actualize that concept. He lastly talked about role of humanities. Humanities must be open to others. In this morden society, exclusive nationalism gained became more powerful, conflict became bigger between ethnic groups, religion, and the state. In such era, it is important to pay more attention to diversed culture and values and to understand each other. He closed his lecture with the message "humanities take large role. Steady effort is the only way to solve problems in our modern society. "
 Students expanded their understanding by following Q&A session.

Q: What do you think about progressed globalization? 

A: We must stop and think about it.

Q: What do you mean by reading classical literature in dialogical approach?

A: It is about how we accept and understand the gap between it and our own knowedge, to whom do we throw questions and what the answer will be, read them with imaginary image. Classical writings are written in dialogical approach, you naturally will be dragged into it.

Q:What can we do in the field of humanity?

A:Debate and dialoge with others and with literature. Read them with questioning them.

Q: What is the thoughts of contemporary philosopher?

A: There are not many contemporary philosophers discussing on this topic. Manys were objected when MEXT issued immediate notice.

Q: What is the interesting part of learning philosophy?

A: To convey others ideas. Having discussion with various people.



④ Law and history research

Dr. Shigeru Kodama Mie University, Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics & Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Think about democracy from issues of reporters killing (Saudi Arabia), destroying public documents (Japan), Twitter(U.S.A.)

 Lecture was given on following three topics.

① Journalists conduct dangerous interviews and compliance of self-responsibility of Mr. Jyunpei Yasuda who was detained in Syrian and was released and Mr. Khashoggi who was killed in Consulate-General of Saudi Arabia in Turkey.
② Relationship between information disclosure and democracy on topic of making internal document when Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry writes official documents "there is no need to record individual interactions of negotiations with politicians".
③ Relationship between person in authority and media. American newspapers announced editorial comments on press freedom upon incident of President Trump made media which was critical to him leave from the press conference.

 After introduction of above topics, students exchanged their opinion and made presentations as below.
●In order to talk about journalist's self-responsibility, we must think of significance of the report. The significance is whether it brings benefits to citizens or not.
●Regarding issue of official document, there should be a monitoring agency that can make its own decisions and maintain certain distance with government.
●Regarding issue of fake news, Presiden Trump says media is enemy of citizen. Who is ally of media?



⑤ Medical issue

Dr. Kurumiya Takashi , General manager of emergency medical care department, Mie Kita Iryo Center Inabe General Hospital

"Me and Medical Care" Connecting Life -Current Status of Medical Care in the World-

 In the first half, Dr.Kurumiya shared his experience while his was in Medecins Sans Frontiers, then he facilitated a group work on topic of "Lift" based on a method of Mandal-Art in later half.

 (First half) There is always a war somewhere in the world, and there are many people who suffer from lack of adequate medical care. The lecturer Dr. Kurumiya who has experience providing medical service in conflict areas, talked about conditions of severe medical services in conflict areas such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Students listened carefully about his experience of medical operation for those who suffered from injury or illness.
 (Latter half) With a method called Mandal-Art, students wrote items which are associated with life, put them together in a poster and had presentations. The students had active discussioin and thought about importance of life.



⑥ Global Business

Mr. Yoshiyasu Mizuno, JICA Expert, Former Tanzanian Ministry of Industry and Trade Policy Advisor

If you become an African economic adviser?

 Based on the experience of his work in Africa, he described current situation in Africa and then students thought about supporting Afrian countries.

・African economy scrap & build
・From exporting agricultural products to agricultural products processing industry
・Japanese companies and Japanese in Tanzania
・What would you do if you were an economic adviser? (discussion)

   ①Shall they apply international standards? Village producer is not capable to manage that.
   ② Shall they pass the limited funds to geriatrics care? Do you use it to improve productivity?
   ③ Is it unfair to support African companies rather than large Indian companies?

 Lastly, students had presentations on what they had discussed in each group.