2018 Super Global High School National High School Student Forum

Date and Time: December 15, 2018 (Saturday) 10:00 - 17:00
Venue: Tokyo International Forum

 4 Second Year students and 1 international student representing our school participated in the SGH National High School Student Forum organised by Monbukagakusho and the University of Tsukuba.

 At the student exchange meeting held in the morning, participants took part in a thematic workshop based on the theme "Peace, Human Rights and Gender". They pondered on important issues related to peace, human rights and gender that are common to them, and discussed their causes and solutions among themselves in English. Through such serious discussions with fellow students at the SGH designated schools across the country, a sense of solidarity was created.



 In the afternoon poster session, a presentation in English was given. At the SGH major theme lecture held in May given by Mr. Masaya Onimaru (Director of certified NPO corporation Terra Renaissance ), he let us learn that the world has children in the military problems and people still suffering from landmines. In view of this, a fund raising drive to contribute to world peace through collecting secondhand books at the Four High Schools Festival (Shikosai) was held and its process presented. On top of that, activities related to the peaceful cause and the results of overseas fieldwork participated by the students were also presented. After the presentation, there was an English question about the contents of the presentation from the judges, and it was answered in English with contributions from various presenters.



Reflections of participating students

· While it was difficult to conduct both the presentation and question and answer in English, I felt a sense of accomplishment. The thematic session served as an opportunity to review my English ability, and I felt once again the importance of telling others what I would like to say.

· I learned the importance of not being afraid of failure but instead enjoy the process of speaking in English through presentations and thematic subcommittees. After listening to the international student who stated his opinion boldly and clearly at the student exchange meeting, I am considering what my future goal will be.

· I had confidence because I was able to speak in English well through the preparation for the presentation. I will continue to be able to express my opinions quickly not only in Japanese but also in English.

· I feel that it is important to have my own opinion and to voice it out. Listening to the presentation from another school, I was impressed by the way SGH designated colleagues voicing out their own ideas.